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Redefining the Indian Culinary Classics

Tandoor which means “Clay Oven” perfectly describe an entire style of cooking. Typically, tandoori cooking involves marinating meat or vegetables or breads and cooking it over an intense fire inside of a tandoor oven. The marinade together with this super-heated technique are what define tandoori cooking, setting it apart from other cooking styles around the world. We are among the best Indian restaurants and the perfect food destination for people who love to explore the endless options of Indian food. The idea behind Tandoori Bites was to stick to traditional homemade Indian food while keeping it aligned with modern taste. 

An Exceptional Journey of Taste

Enjoy a lovely fusion of Indian food with a contemporary presentation. We have finely curated every flavor to give you the best from Indian kitchens. Our chefs have rich expertise in different Indian cuisine for more than 10 years. The ingredients that we use in our dishes are 100% authentic and organically homegrown. 

Relish exquisite decor inspired by the legitimate Indian style. Our ambiance exhibits the true colors of India, while we also maintain the hygiene standard in our kitchens because we want you to keep your health in check.

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